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Researchers interested in accessing participants in the registry for further research opportunities, or accessing the data are requested to fill in the form below or to contact Paula Lorgelly.

Over 95% of participants in the registry have consented to be approached by the Long COVID Registry research team to promote studies they are eligible to take part it. We will not share the participants details or data, but can promote other long COVID studies to them.

If you wish to recruit participants from the registry for long COVID research, in the first instance please contact Paula Lorgelly.

More than 95% of participants have also consented to have their data linked with other person-centred data held by Stats NZ in the Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI). Once the registry data are deposited in the IDI researchers and iwi will be able to access the data via a Stats NZ request. Until that point researchers who wish to access the registry data are requested to contact Paula Lorgelly.

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